5 Reason I LOVE Film Photography

One question I get asked a lot is, “Why I love Film Photography?”

My response is….remember that Jerry McGuire quote “You complete me?” That’s how I feel about shooting film. There’s quite simply nothing like it and I am so excited to share with you why I am madly in love with film photography.


collage of bride and groom in front of a white barn and on a wooden swing

1. Film Photography is Art

Film is more than just capturing an image, it is ART. The process of shooting film requires the photographer to slow down, wait for moments, and pay close attention to details. And the final images have a paintery, depth, and life that is unequaled by any other medium.

bride and groom holding hands walking in a field of tall grass

2. Details, Details, Details

If you know me, you know that I love details. They tell your story in such a beautiful way, and nothing captures the colors, textures and depth as as magically as film.

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collage of wedding bouquet and shoes on blue chair

3. Connection

Shooting film is very different than shooting digital. The process requires more focus and attention to detail. Film creates an environment that allows me to fully connect with my clients. Rather than the rapid firing that often happens with digital shooting, we slow down and wait for perfect moments.

And slowing down and organically interacting, we create authentic and timeless images.

4. Christmas Morning

Who doesn’t love watching a kid on Christmas morning?!?! The anticipation and excitement is everything. That’s exactly how I feel when film scans are delivered to my inbox. Literally, I do a Christmas morning happy dance EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Once we shoot film it is shipped off to our film lab where it is scanned and artfully processed. Living in a world of immediate gratification, film is an art form that requires trust and patience.

bride and groom holding each other

5. Exceptional Quality

Film is an expensive process that is completely worth the investment. Film images are timeless pieces of art that will never fade and will remain beautiful for generations. Moments like your wedding day deserve to be captured well.

tara hodges photographer holding contax camera


You deserve someone who will slow down and connect with you. Someone who is invested in creating timeless, beautiful images of irreplaceable moments. Film allows me to do exactly that.

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