Akiah + McKenzie’s Surprise Wedding, Johnson City, TN

We loved sharing details with you of Akiah and McKenzie’s elegant wedding at The Farm in Old Edward’s Inn in Highlands, NC. One of our favorite moments of the day is when Larry, the father of the bride revealed the best surprise. Larry jokingly shared with the guest during a toast that this was not McKenzie’s first wedding. A little dramatic pause, and he announced this was not Akiah’s first wedding either. And then he shared the BEST surprise ever….back in October of 2018 McKenzie and Akiah organized a BIG surprise for their family.

Planning the BIG surprise with McKenzie and Akiah was so much fun!! We arranged for all the family to be together for their annual Christmas photo session. At the end of the session I jokingly told them that since they were all together and dressed up, they should just go ahead and have the wedding (I rehearsed this line in my brain over and over and was terrified of messing up the big surprise). Akiah pulls a marriage certificate out of his pocket and says, “Well, I do happen to have a marriage certificate with me!”

The reaction of their family was PRICELESS. And in the sweet shade of their backyard, these two had their FIRST wedding in a surprise intimate ceremony with their family….and it was perfect!


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