Vendor Highlight: Blossom and Bloom


One of the best things about being a wedding photographer, other than working with amazing clients, is getting to work with talented vendors.


Florals are such a beautiful element of the day. They create a mood, tell a story and are just so pretty! I love any opportunity I get to work with Chelsea Blount from Blossom and Bloom. It is so easy to see how passionate she is about her craft and how well she serves her clients. Here’s more about Chelsea:


– Tell me about you and how your business started!

Simply put, my business evolved from my need to be creative!!! I’ve dabbled here and there with flowers & weddings over the years, like a lot of people have, helping out friends & family when they have gotten married. I never had formal training but have learned through hands-on experience as well as working with some amazingly talented florists who have helped me. & I’m still learning, every day! As a kid and on into my adult years, I’ve also enjoyed painting. well, more than enjoy… I love it!! I love the movement. the textures. the colors, how they mix together, how they can be lightened or grow more intense when combined with other colors! When I paint i get in my own bubble and just start creating…. its the same with flowers! it makes me so happy & fulfills me in a way that no other job has. & I’ve had a bunch lol! i decided to make flowers my business because i wanted to hold onto that feeling as much as possible!


– Tell me more about what services you offer!

I offer full wedding design, decor and  flowers from elopements to large scale weddings and I will travel ; )


– How would you describe your style?

I am typically am drawn to and honestly prefer the wild & free garden-inspired & bohemian feel when it comes to design and flowers. If you were to see my wardrobe & the way I paint/decorate you’d see what I mean. I almost always have a scarf or something wild on my head lol! I’m attracted to these styles the most because i love the  mixture and layers of textures, patterns and colors. i love putting things together that you wouldn’t normally think should go together. i love when you have to look at something more than once to get the whole picture or idea. it has depth and dimension. my brain works better when its a bit overworked… if that makes sense LOL! 


– When a couple books you, what can they expect out of their experience?

I give my all & I love to work hard! I will always work as hard as I possibly can for a couple. I truly feel that there are certain clients for certain floral designers (& vice versa).  If a couple hires me they hire me BECAUSE of my love of color, textures, and layers. my artistic flair that I add to everything I do. they hire me FOR my style. when a couple understands that I will do everything to make their wedding perfect for them and they implicitly trust me &  let me “GO FOR IT” …that’s when I really love my job!  being able to do “my thing” or “my style” for people who really love it and appreciate it makes me so grateful. Grateful to be able to do what I love to do!


– What is your favorite thing about weddings?

 Making clients happy and making myself happy! I think that both are important because without one I can’t have the other!  Being creative and making new friends – vendors & clients!& many more !!!


Visit Chelsea’s Site to see more of her amazing work!


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