Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

The Swan House in Atlanta Georgia

Pop the bubbly and let’s celebrate, friend!  If you are reading this post, that probably means you are planning a wedding but haven’t decided on a wedding venue. It’s one of the most important steps in wedding planning process and I’ve got a few tips to make it a little less overwhelming. 

found, statue and table at the Swan House in Atlanta Georgia
  1. Develop your vision

First, let’s develop a vision. Being able to visualize what you want your wedding to look and feel like is a great first step. Your venue will be one of your largest investments for the day, so making sure it fits your wedding plan is so important.

Here are a few things to consider as your develop your vision:

  1. When will you have the wedding ? Time of year?
  2. How many people you will invite ?
  3. The budget available for the venue ?
  4. What things are most important to you as a couple for the day?
bride and groom walking holding hands

You can learn more about the beautiful Swan House venue here.

2. Style

From gardens to ballrooms to an obliging field, there are numerous diverse options for wedding venues. Having a mood board where you save examples that you like with help you narrow down your ideal style. In addition to mood boards, write down words that describe your style (elegant, romantic, southern, coastal, garden, boho, etc)

treehouse and hobbit house waterstone venue in Tennessee

Here are a few things to consider as you identify your style

  1. Consider your personalities and things you gravitate towards. For instance, are you more formal or more comfortable? Do you prefer something more traditional or unique….I mean how amazing is a hobbit house and tree house on your wedding day?
  2. Additionally, think about color palettes that appeal to you. Can we talk about those dusty blues?!?!
wedding ceremony at Waterstone quarry
bride laughing with bridesmaids

You can see more of the unique Waterstone Venue here.

3. Rain Plan

I know rain is the four letter word we don’t want to think about on a wedding day, but having a backup plan in case of bad weather may be an important factor for you, depending on the location and time of year of your wedding. Make sure to ask potential venues about what options will be available to just in case.

4. All inclusive or Partially Inclusive?

the side porch venue in Gray, TN

Similar to our last tip, make sure you inquire about what is included in your package.

For example, are chairs, tables and liens provided by the venue or will you have to rent those?

Additionally, think about other questions like:

  1. Is outside catering allowed or is it provided by the venue?
  2. Are you allowed to have alcohol?
  3. Will parking attendants be provided by the venue?

In other words, make sure you know what is included with your package.

5. Focus on Each Other

Above all, keep your focus on each other and what feels right for your day and you will find your way to the perfect venue. I feel that trusting your gut is always the best option.

bride and groom touching foreheads

You can learn more about the lovely Side Porch venue here.

Have more questions about choosing the perfect wedding venue for you?

Send me a message! I would love help.

bicycle and barn

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