Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

You are ready to say, “I do,” and you want your vows to be unique and personal to the two of you. Writing your own vows can seem a little overwhelming, but  I have some great tips that will make writing wedding vows easier. 

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3 things to include when writing wedding vows

  1. Actually make a vow – Reassure your partner that you will be there through thick and thin, no matter what life brings your way.
  2. Share a personal story – Sharing stories creates emotion (laughter, tears, etc) as well as, it makes your vows personal to the two of you. Your guest will love hearing about sweet moments that brought the two of you closer together.
  3. Profess your love – This moment is all about the love you share with your partner. Saying “I love you” in your own words will convey your promise to always love each other in a unique way.
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Tips to make writing easier

  1. Don’t procrastinate – You want to invest time into the writing process so your vows are thoughtful and well thought out. Waiting until the last minute will only make the process stressful.
  2. Be Inspired – Listen to songs that have meaning to you. Visit places that are significant to you two. Be inspired by the things you love to do together.
  3. Don’t spoil the surprise – Waiting to share your vows until the ceremony will make the moment organic, authentic, and irreplaceable. You can always ask a friend to listen to your vows beforehand and provide input.
  4. Invest in beautiful vow books – There are so many beautiful vow book options that provide a great keepsake. Click here to see some of our favorite vow books.
writing wedding vow books for grooms

I hope these tips help you in writing your own wedding vows. Your love is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated in a personal way.

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